Dog Show

The Companion Dog Show is being organised this year by Lindsay and Rob Mallaber of The Grove Luxury Dog Boarding, Whittington –

Held Under kennel Club Rules and Regulations, registration starts from 10.30am and Judging Commences at 1pm.

The Pedigree Classes – Entry fee £2 per class – Rosettes to 4th place.

  1. Any Variety Puppy Dog (6-12ths)
  2. Any Variety Bitch (6-12mths)
  3. Any Variety Sporting
  4. Any Variety Non Sporting
  5. Any Variety Open

Novelty Classes – Entry fee £1 per class – Rosettes to 4th place

Discounts apply –enter 6 classes for £5

  1. Best Crossbreed/Mongrel
  2. Best Junior Handler Class (under 18yrs of age – dog owned by exhibitor or exhibitor’s parents)
  3. Best Rescue
  4. Best Veteran (age over 7 yrs)
  5. Dog with The Waggiest Tale
  6. Most Appealing Eyes
  7. Prettiest Bitch
  8. Handsomest Dog
  9. Dog and handler most alike
  10. Best Condition
  11. Dog the judge would most like to take home

Rosettes for: Best in Show – Reserve Best in Show – Best Puppy in Show

Dogs which have won any of the following awards are not eligible to enter any of the pedigree classes: Challenge Certificate. Res. Challenge Certificate. Junior Warrant.

A dog docked on or after the 28th March 2007 may not be entered for exhibition at this show.