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The PC was informed on 24th November that it is likely that the Post Office will not open again, although it is still on the market. However it will be replaced by a mobile service in the Spring of 2018, which will offer a full range of services, and be accessible to all.

The Application Form for 2018 is found here:


171001_Phase 2a Consultation Response Staffordshire Authorities



Most will already be aware that Phase One of the new High Speed Two Railway (HS2), the part of the route between the West Midlands and London, received Royal Assent -that is the final authority to proceed with its construction – on 23 February2017.

As part of the development of the new railway, HS2 Ltd is planning to carry out ground investigations in and around the Whittington and Fisherwick Parish area. These works will commence in mid-March 2017 and be completed in late May 2017. Put simply, ground investigation is the examination and study of the soil, rocks and groundwater below the surface of a field, pavement or highway and is an essential preliminary to finalising the design of the track bed and associated structures such as bridges and retaining structures before construction proper commences –possibly later this year but more probably in 2018.

A variety of methods is used to obtain samples, to monitor and test them. HS2 has produced an illustrated non-technical leaflet, which explains why ground investigations are necessary and describes each of the main techniques that will be used. You can read this on the Government web site at -or if you prefer Click here to download the guide

Most of the ground works taking place within the Parish will not be noticeable by the public. This is due to a large majority of the work-taking place in open green space owned by private landowners, where we have permission to carry out the work on their land. However, some ground investigation may be carried out in and around highway locations. Prior to the ground investigations starting HS2 Ltd has promised to send send out notifications to the local community and stakeholders and work closely with the Parish Council to limit the impact within the village and its environs. In all probability by the time you read this you will have received a general update on progress from them direct, but please rest assured that we will also continue to meet local HS2 representatives (they now have offices in Birmingham) on a regular basis to ensure that community concerns are fully addressed – and of course keep you fully updated on progress.