In the past, profits from the Fair had been used for donations to local groups. As the profit was severely reduced this year due to inclement weather, and as the Council was in the process of prioritising village improvements, it was agreed to spend a proportion of the funds on Council led community village improvement projects to improve the village environment.

Whilst applications for grants would still be accepted, they would not be routinely or automatically granted and only be considered and approved if they showed a very urgent need for funding. Fair profits would only be used for village improvements and not for general running costs of the Council.


As you are no doubt aware The Parish Council has given a substantial amount to local organisations over a number of years. This grant funding was from profits related to the Annual Countryside Fair. The Parish Council, like other public bodies, has come under further increased financial pressure and there is a need to review all areas of expenditure to provide the best value for money.

There are a number of projects within the parish, which cannot be fully funded from the precept, and the Council propose to utilise some of the profits from the Countryside Fair to complete them. The Council would only use this money for such projects and not the general running costs of the Council

These projects include play areas, sports pitches, parks and recreational areas and would benefit the Community as a whole.

This decision means that the amount available for distribution to local organisations has been reduced and therefore Grant Applications will only be granted on the basis of an urgent need for funds.

As in the past, the Council would need details of the project for which funding is required, together with the reasons why it is considered urgent and necessary, the relevant benefits to the organisation, together with full costing’s.

The Council would also like details of current income and expenditure and current levels of reserves before making any decision on making a contribution towards the project.

The grants programme would open on 1st December and the deadline for the receipt of grant applications has been extended to 31st January 2018.