Marquee Competitions

Whittington Countryside and Craft Fair 2019

Garden Marquee Competitions
This year we are holding three competitions in the Gardening Marquee, Floral Arts (Adults and Children), Produce and a Cake Competition.

Produce Show

Whittington Countryside and Craft Fair Produce Show 7th September 2019

Open to All. Enter your home grown produce at the show. Entries are 50p for each category, under 18 categories 20p. 1st prize wins £5, 2nd prize wins £3. To take part please bring your entries to the Produce Marquee between 8-9am on the day. Judging will take place from 9.30 on the day. Any queries or for further information phone Ruth Meek 07952 407668.

Schedule of Classes
1. 3 potatoes white
2. 3 potatoes coloured
3. 2 carrots tops trimmed to 3”
4. 2 parsnips tops trimmed to 3”
5. 3 onions dressed necks tied
6. 6 shallots
7. 3 beetroot tops trimmed to 3”
8. Plate of 6 tomatoes
9. Plate of 6 tomatoes cherry type
10. 6 runner beans
11. 6 dwarf beans
12. 2 courgettes max 6” fruit including flower
13. 2 corn on the cob
14. 3 named apples desert
15. 3 named pears
16. 8 stoned fruit
17. Plate of 10 soft fruit
18. Vase or pot of four different types of herbs in water

Under 18’s only
19. Poster promoting bee and pollinator friendly gardening, A4 size
20. Vegimal – character or animal made from fruit and/or vegetables

180903_Produce show results


Floral Arts Competition in the Marquee
Two competitions for juniors and adults.
Adult Competition. Contact Lynne Lacey, 21 Fisherwick Road. Whittington WS14 9LL – 0154343220 Call or email for any information required.
Junior Competition. Contact Sue Jackson, 32 Spring Lane – 01543319613 for entry Form.
Both competitions will be judged by Kara Strachan.

Sponsored by Whittington Flower Arranging Society

An exhibit which may include accessories
Space allowed 90cm wide x 60cm deep, height unlimited


An exhibit which may include accessories
Space allowed 90cm wide x 60cm deep height unlimited
Staging to take place between 7.30 am – 9 am and cleared 4.30 pm -5.30 pm.
Tables will be covered in black drapes

PRIZES 1st £10 2nd £5 3rd £3


Entry Form

Name …………………………………………………………
Tel. No ………………………………………………
Class Entered …………………………………………..

Fee enclosed
Please return to:
Lynne Lacey
21 Fisherwick Road
WS14 9LL
01543 432202
Call or email for any information required


‘ Posy For A Princess ‘
Make a pretty posy tied with ribbon or other materials and
display it in a jam-jar of water.
Bring them to:-
• The Produce Marquee between 7.30 to 8.45
• On Saturday September 1st 2018
• Competition Entry Fee 50p
• Prizes: 1st £5, 2nd £3, 3rd £2
• Judging will take place between 9.00—10.30
• Collect your exhibits between 4.30 –5.30

It would be very helpful if you gave the entry slip and entry fee
beforehand to.
Sue Jackson
32 Spring Lane
01543 319613
Please fill in
Contact number:-
Please circle age-group class you are entering
4 to 8 years or 9 to 15 years
[If you need any more information please ring.]

Cake Competition – Sponsored and prizes by Whittington WI.
This year we are again holding a Cake Competition in the Marquee for adults, children may also enter. We are offering a specific recipe with clear baking instructions so even those with limited experience can have a go.
The Cake Competition is a Cherry Cake and the given recipe which must be used is below:
Cherry Cake
• 8ozs softened butter
• 8ozs golden caster sugar
• 4 large eggs, lightly beaten
• 8ozs plain flour
• ½ teaspoon baking powder
• 9ozs glace cherries, quartered
• 4ozs ground almonds
• Almond or vanilla extract
• 1 tablespoon milk
• 2 tablespoons demerara sugar
• Oven 200C, Fan oven 180C, Gas 6
• Grease and base line 8” round cake tin
• Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy
• Gradually beat in the eggs
• Sift together flour and baking powder, and fold carefully into creamed mixture
• Fold in cherries, ground almonds, milk and almond extract
• Spoon into prepared tin and level top with the back of a spoon
• Sprinkle with demerara sugar
• Bake in centre of oven for 1 hour, cover with foil and bake for further 30 mins
• Cool in tin for 15 mins then turn onto a wire rack

Any queries please ring
01543 432705 or 01543 432256