Parish Council

Whittington and Fisherwick Parish Council was formed in 1980 by the amalgamation of the two parish councils, although each Parish still retains its identity.

The main responsibilities of the Parish Council cover; Open Spaces, Parks & Recreational Areas, the Parish Pavilion, Litter, Planning Applications, Rights of Way; Bus Shelters, Benches, Street Lighting, Trees, Dog Control, the Environment and many other  issues. It also makes representations on behalf of the village covering other areas of concern.

The Council consists of 15 Councillors, serving two wards, Whittington & Fisherwick. Join Us?

The Parish Council has over the last few years played a leading roll in many parish projects, including establishing an annual Countryside Craft Fair which has raised over £150,000 for parish projects.

The council has purchased 2 acres of land from the St Giles Hospice (formerly known as Glebe Field) which has been developed into a BMX track and community orchard with further plans for a trim trail.  The Parish Council has also taken a twenty five year lease at a peppercorn rent on the old Grange School playing field (Swan Park) which,  with the aid of grant funding, has been developed into a recreational and sporting facility. In 2009 the Council opened allotments for local residents which now have 31 working plots.

The Parish Council is supportive of the local community through its annual grant scheme with a closing date for grant applications each year on 31st December. Notice of successful grants are notified in April of the following  year.

The Council is consulted in respect of all planning applications within the Parish, considers these applications and makes observations which are forwarded to Lichfield District Council, the Planning Authority for the area.

The Parish Council acts as a ‘grass roots’ authority, channelling its electorate’s concerns through to the appropriate departments within other authorities. Its Councillors are a visible presence within the community and are able to address the public’s concerns through the medium of Council meetings.

The Council has a Statement “The Vision, Strategic Aims, Objectives and Priority Projects 2020” to guide us on the way forward. Please read it and let the Clerk or any Councillor have your comments:

The Council produces 3 newsletters a year and delivers to every household within the parish. It runs an active and informative web site and has a Facebook page.

Whittington & Fisherwick Parish is a rural community within the District of Lichfield, in the County of Staffordshire.

The 2011 Census records the population of Whittington and Fisherwick as 2603, living in 1045 households. The key community issues are: an ageing population, a focus on larger properties in the current housing stock and a lower than average level of rented housing.
Population (Total 2603: Males 1,299 Females 1,304)

Age W&F Lichfield
0-18 years 1496 – 57.4% 60.2% 18- 65 years 554 – 21.3% 19.9% 65+ years 553 – 21.3% 19.9%

House size (Total number of Households = 1045) No Bedrooms 12 – 1% 1 Bedroom 38 – 3% 2 Bedrooms 189 – 18% (Lichfield 22.4%) 3 Bedrooms 480 – 46% (Lichfield 45.1%) 4 Bedrooms 255 – 25% (Lichfield 19.8%) 5+ Bedrooms 82 – 7%

Tenure All Households = 1,045 Owned; Total 823 – 79% (Lichfield 76%) Shared Ownership (Part Owned and Part Rented) 1 – 0% Social Rented; Total (Households) 71 – 7% (Lichfield 13%) Private Rented; Total (Households) 135 – 13% (Lichfield 9.5%) Living Rent Free; 15 – 1% – 2

(Information supplied by the National Statistics office)

Important Policies and Terms of Reference

2019_Complaints Procedure
Standing orders re adopted Feb 2019
180316_W&F_Safeguarding Policy
2019 Procurement Policy
2019_Feb_Sponsorship Policy
2019 EqualityAndDiversityPolicy
2019_Feb_Risk Management Policy
2019 ExpensesPolicy
2019 WFPC Code of conduct adopted February 2019
Tree management procedures
David Walton
Clerk to the Council