The Parish Council committees usually meet at 7.30 p.m. on planned dates in the Pavilion on Bit End Field. Meetings whenever possible are held on a Monday evening but please contact the Parish Clerk ( for detailed times, dates and venues.

Members of the public are welcome to attend any Council Meeting unless the issues to be discussed are of a confidential nature and at such, members of the press and public will be excluded.

The Playing Fields Committee and the Whittington Woodland Advisory Committee have non Councillor members on them.

Environment/Communications Committee

Chairman – Cllr Garry Hyde

This committee meets regularly to tackle environmental issues which affect the village and the surrounding areas. This committee also deals with Rights of Way issues, Visual Quality of the village issues and Health and Safety issues. Some current areas of debate include: planning; traffic concerns; anti-social behaviour; village enhancement projects and walks around Whittington. This committee also aims to discuss ways that the parish Council communicates with the parish, working hard to ensure all formal community communication to be appropriate, relevant, succinct and easily understood. Specifically, this committee creates and distributes the Parish Council newsletters, maintains and develops the website, and maintains the notice boards, as well as developing new ways to raise the profile of the Parish Council within the community.

For Terms of reference of Environment and Communications Committee click here

Environment Minutes_12 FEB_20
Environment_AGENDA_12th February_20
Environment Minutes 2nd October 19
Env_AGENDA_2nd October_19
Environment Minutes 12th JUNE 19
Environment Minutes 20th Feb 2019_Public
Environment Minutes 3rd October 18
Environment Minutes 13 June 18
Environment Agenda_13thJune18
Environment Minutes 13 June 18
Environment Agenda_13thJune18
Environment Minutes 21 Feb 18
Environment Agenda 21 Feb18

Finance Committee

Chairman -Cllr. Martyn Bennett

This committee aims to assist the Parish Council in achieving its financial obligations by discussion, preparing reports, and making recommendations on relevant issues. The committee also provides an ongoing internal financial audit of to ensure correspondence with planned income and expenditure.

Finance Committee – Terms of Reference – Click on link below:

AUG 2018 Finance Agenda 15th August 18 MINUTES_FINANCE_AUG_18
NOV 2018 Finance Agenda 21st November 18 FINANCE_Minutes_21stNov18
FEB 2019 Finance Agenda_6thFeb19 FINANCE_Minutes_6thFeb2019
MAY 2019 AGENDA_FINANCE_1st MAY19 FINANCE_Minutes_1st May_2019
AUG 2019 FINANCE_AGENDA_14th August_19 FINANCE_Minutes_AUG_19

   Nov 19              AGENDA_FINANCE_20th NOV_19
   Nov 19              FINANCE_Minutes_NOV_19
Feb  20             Finance Agenda_5thFeb20
Feb 20              FINANCE_Minutes_FEB_2020

Whittington Wood Advisory Committee

The Whittington Woodland Advisory Committee is, as it says, only advisory as can only offer its advice on Council decisions for the woodland. Any member of the public can become a non voting member of the woodland committee.

The role of the Committee is to make recommendations and carry out approved work relating to the Council’s management of Whittington Wood. It prepares and revises as required a management plan for consideration by the Council.

The committee aims to: advise on matters necessary to ensure that the Wood is safe for users and nearby residents; safeguard the long term future of the Wood as a amenity for the Parish; develop the richness and diversity of its plants and animal life; establish a sustainable, balanced ecology in the Wood. The committee welcomes members who are not council members. If you are interested in joining the committee or taking part in one of the regular working party days please contact Simon Roberts.

For  of Whittington Wood Advisory Committee   click here  For the Whittington Wood Portfolio Click Here

Woodland Agenda 11th March 2020
October 19_Woodland Minutes
Woodland Agenda 16th OCTOBER 2019
April 19_Woodland Minutes
Woodland Agenda 10th April 2019
Woodland Agenda 23rd October 18
Woodland Minutes 16th May 18
Woodland Agenda 16th May 18

 March 2016  Agenda
October 2015 Agenda  Minutes
 2009 – 2014 Minutes

Countryside and Craft Fair Planning Committee
Chairman Mr Bob Wood

This committee is a planning group set up to plan and organise the annual Countryside and Craft Fair. We always need more helpers! If you are interested please contact Bob Wood 07722 646449 or by email