Council Tax

Parish Council Budget 2019-2020

The PC’s spending that cannot be met from fees, charges and grants, has to be met from the Council Tax payers within the Parish and is collected from you by LDC and handed over to the PC in the form of a “precept”.
Every November and December the PC decides what it needs to spend in the following financial year after taking into account anticipated inflation, and the cost of regular commitments and new initiatives. For every £1 you pay in Council Tax, the Parish Council receives less than 3p.
This time last year I mentioned our income would reduce by £2,600 due to the ending of a Government Grant. Next year’s Budget also has to take that into account. In addition to reductions in income, the PC has to fund additional spending pressures, such as inflation. The PC also supports Whittington’s entry into the 2019 Britain in Bloom competition. Whilst last year’s entry received excellent marks, one major issue flagged by the judges was the weeds in kerb gutters. Main entrances to the village were also flagged by the judges as requiring improvement. The appearance of the Village has been affected by Staffordshire County Council’s policy of cutting back on non-statutory services and the Parish Council has therefore decided to put money in next year’s budget for the first time specifically to address these maintenance issues.
We also want to make further improvements to the infrastructure of the Parish and during next year you will see improvements to the play equipment at the PC’s parks. In addition, money has been set aside for a new Play Area. We will also be improving the BMX track at Jubilee Park, and putting money aside for tree surgery work.
The net effect of the above for the next financial year is that the PC will need to raise an extra £4,300 in total from council tax payers. The PC’s part of your Council Tax bill will therefore increase from £42.18 to £44.71 for next year, or just an extra 5p per week for an average property. Incidentally the average for all parish councils within the Lichfield district is £48.36.
It is interesting to note that of all the Councils that raise council tax from you for their services, the Parish Council is the only one where the Councillors are completely voluntary and do not receive any remuneration. We recognise that the Government wants to ensure that you, the council tax payer, doesn’t pay for large increases in council tax year on year and we have borne this in mind when producing our budget.
The full budget details are included on the Budget Page of this website. Should you have any questions on the budget please email me via the Parish Clerk (

Cllr Martyn Bennett – Chair of the Finance Committee
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